Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wonderful Colorado

Well Everyone I am now in Arvada Colorado doing another FedEx Kinko's The store location is just so perfect the view of the Mountains are great. I love this job and so far it is coming along good . My Tin Benders were there today yes Saturday so good ole Mom had to work for Free but at least I can move forward. Now we can put up grid, lights and paint.
I am 1 week ahead of schedule and only been here 2 weeks.
Sure beats Charlotte NC. where I felt like I was doom to fail.
I want to take a drive Sunday up to the Mountains and bask in the beauty I want to fall in love with the fall colors and see the snow on the tips of the peaks well maybe that is going to far it is a little early for snow even here but give it 3 weeks and it will be snowing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the area it is great
Jim has 2 more weeks and he can go home I am jealous I would love to go home for 3 weeks before having to go to Arlington VA for the winter but with us buying the new piece of property we want the money so we can sink a basement. Mother dearest who bought the land for us with the promise of paying her back now wants us to get a loan and give her the money back right now. I hope I don't act like Mother when I get 74 if I do Jamie shoot me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is the framing that was done last Friday- Saturday&Monday. Yes it took the men 3 full days to frame what would take anybody else 1 day to do and even then I had to have a man come in and put 68 screws in the studs because they weren't screwed off right. The guys in the back ground are Plumbers they were roughing in the pipes they failed their inspection again so they are 2 for 2 where do these people come from??? I had 3 inspections plumbers failed electrical failed and the only reason that the framing passed is because I made a man come in and add screws otherwise I would of been 3 for 3 as it is I have only passed 2 out of 6 that tells you something about the people in Charlotte NC. I can see why the inspectors are the way they are.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Tuesday we got our slab inspection at 1;15 so the trucks were called and by 2;10 we were pouring. the pour lasted until 6;30 and the finishers were still there when I left a 7 Today nobody works and tomorrow up goes the framing so we are off and running. The light package comes in FRIDAY.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Probable right now I hate everybody. Monday I had 3 inspections scheduled 1 for the plumbing 1 for the electric and 1 for the floor. the plan was get the first 2 and the concrete men would be there to finish the area before the 3rd inspection. good plan right?????????
I had talked to Kevin on Friday to make sure that he was here on Monday to fill the pipes for the pressure test and warned him not to be late. I better not have a inspector show up and him not be ready. Soooooooooooooo guess what happens Monday morning you guessed it. Here is 2 inspectors and no water in the pipes FAILED. My first failed inspection ever Due to a lazy incompetent @!*;~# plumber. My 2nd inspection the electricians are on site 3 of them the inspector walks in asked what he is inspecting hands me the approved tag. At this point I want to know where the concrete men are? They should of been here. I call the boss and he's said that they were on their way and had the plastic with them for the vapor barrier. Well the inspector shows up FAILED not complete. so twice in 1 day I fail inspections due to incompetent Subs. The crew shows up at 4:30 and they don't have the plastic the boss does. He shows up at 6;20 so not only is he incompetent he is a liar. I told him we will pour tomorrow even if he has to stay until midnight and pay overtime. So now we have to wait on the inspector and he knows we will have a pour today so he will take his time and make sure we run late. That is the way that Mecklenburg County works THEY are GOD and you better not FORGET IT.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Welcome to Mecklenburg County. I finally got the permit Friday so we are 2 weeks behind. I can't get any inspections until Monday 3 are scheduled and if we get all of them passed we can pour Tuesday if not it will be Wednesday. But now we are moving forward. This is our bathrooms. In the very back up against the wall is our electrical PVC. Looking from left to right is the sink drain that is going in the 6" back wall. a floor drain, 4" pvc for the water closet a clean out that will be in the back office area. Up close is the drain for the water fountains. Then the 4" pvc for the other water closet, a floor drain for that bathroom and the last pipe to the right is the other sink drain it is 10' up in the air because that is how they pressure test the pipes. By putting water in them and making sure it doesn't leak out anywhere is how we know that there is a good seal.. I know this seems technical to the normal person but like I said this blog is to show everybody what I do. This is also how we do houses before the concrete is poured for a basement, craw space or footings.

I will show you the next step in a day or so

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well I just figured that this month I would let everyone see what I really do. This is the new FEDEX KINKO'S that is going in at Providence Plaza in Charlotte. NC. As you can see it is pretty rough as it sits now. I don't have a front door, no floor, AC, power, no water No walls. So week by week small steps at a time we will build this store. The first week it took until Friday morning to find the sewer clean out.
Starting Monday we can rough in our plumbing And in the process we found our electric PVC so we can get it turned and stubbed up where we will put out electric Panels. The Goal this week is to get the permit, rough in the plumbing and start the electric rough in and pour the floor. Sounds like a lot but we can do it. That is if we get the permit.If we can't I am 2 weeks behind and I have lights coming in this week.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


It has been quite a while since anyone has been able to see what antics I am up to. Well I went up to Spokane Washington yes 1840 miles from home to build a Fed Ex Kinko's. I turned the keys over to the new store manager on Friday and then we got in our trucks and drove over to Portland OR. to do 4 surveys for Children's place which owns the Disney stores. I have to do 2 surveys Sunday and 2 Monday. It was such an awesome drive we followed the Columbia river for about 100 miles such gorgeous country, With fresh new leaves so green and lush.
I wish you could see it to. We saw MT. Hood today it still has so much snow on it. It make one realize how much we miss in this life by not taking the time to enjoy it. We will be heading home Tuesday not a glamorous life just think $1.00 a mile and it cost $405 already just to go from Spokane to Portland It will be over $2000 for the trip. Good thing the company pays for most of it.